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Empowered Fertility

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Infertility can make women - and their partners - feel completely powerless. This clear, perceptive and incredibly helpful book enables women to empower themselves to not only deal with infertility but navigate the often difficult and confusing path through IVF.

Written by experienced counsellor Claire Hall and fertility expert Dr Devora Lieberman, Empowered Fertility is a practical guide for women to help them cope with their psychological wellbeing, their emotions, family and friends and their attitudes during a very difficult time. It contains clearly structured and expressed information and offers women practical steps to assist them as they go through the processes of treatment for infertility.

Each section of the book gives the reader information and support to address physical, psychological, emotional and social challenges that can arise when dealing with infertility and also with IVF treatment. Subjects include managing expectations, dealing with fear, releasing control and handling changes in relationships.

The reader can work through at their own pace, making use of the coaching tools and exercises to help with each step. For readers who are starting or in the midst of IVF treatment, the last section of the book forms an IVF Cycle Handbook, to guide women through their experience.

About the Author

Claire Hall is a counsellor/life coach who writes a variety of coaching articles and is published in Wellbeing Magazine, Madison Magazine, Good Health Magazine, Empower Magazine, Cleo, Maketheworldmove.com, Escape magazine, Contact magazine and Cosmopolitan. She also writes and delivers tailored workshops and presentations on a broad range of topics.

Devora Lieberman joined Genea in 2003, when it was still called Sydney IVF. Prior to that, Devora had spent 3 years as Associate Medical Director, Women's Health at Organon (now part of MSD). Devora now devotes most of her clinical work to infertility and miscarriage management. Devora has also been a clinician in the Menopause Clinic at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital since her arrival in Australia in 1998. She served as President of Family Planning NSW from June 2003 to March 2014. She became a Director of Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia in 2003, and served as its President from 2006-2008. Devora has also been a Director of the Board of the Fertility Society of Australia from 2005-2013, and held the office of Vice President from 2007-2009. Devora has presented at regional and national conferences and has contributed to textbooks and several peer-reviewed publications.

Reflections From The Incredible Transformation

RRP $56.99

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Work can quickly fill our lives, without necessarily fulfilling them.

Can management insights help us in our pursuit of fulfilment from life as a whole?

This is an exploration in lateral thinking between business life and spiritual life. Each left-hand page outlines a business lesson from the author's management novel, The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd. Each right-hand page reflects the same essence, applied to the quest for fulfilment from life as a whole. These reflections have been designed to stand alone: it is not necessary to have read the novel first.

A J Sheppard practises the art of transforming business operations, using skills he developed with Shell, Crown Cork, McKinsey & Company and as an independent advisor. The inspiration for this book comes from the many parallels between lessons he has encountered in business and discoveries he has made through investigating the teaching of Jesus. For example, just as his first business transformation took him by surprise when he should have known better, so did his first significant spiritual encounter. These reflections can be enjoyed as a thoughtful celebration of fullness in life - and as a guide towards it.

The Fraud Rule In The Law Of Letters Of Credit : A Comparative Study

RRP $525.99

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Although the letter of credit is essentially an international instrument with an age-old pedigree, a troubling number of serious disputes still founder on national provisions with respect to the fraud rule (or fraud exception). The rule is embodied in several major international agreements, but its adjudication takes place under national statutes in which in the opinion of Judge Xiang Gao of the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China (PRC) a significant degree of further refinement and harmonization is called for.Dr. Gao finds the best provisions and practices in respect of the fraud rule in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, and applies these standards to the reformulation of the fraud rule in the PRC. In the process he surveys the entire field of the fraud rule in the law of letters of credit in its substantive aspects, thus going deeper than mere banking law analyses and revealing, for the benefit of jurists everywhere, the fundamental legal issues that must underlie all sound judicial reasoning in the area. In more practical terms, this approach also allows judges to meet their essential responsibility that of giving an answer when a case is put before them with the widest and best possible degree of discernment.Among the many factors contributing to the law and practice pertaining to letters of credit, Dr. Gao finds the following elements, among others, particularly relevant to his subject: the ICC Rulesthe UNCITRAL Convention Article 5 of the UCCSztejn v. J. Henry Schroder Banking Corp U.S.-Iranian casesthe United City Merchants case Drawing on all of these elements as well as on the drafting process of the Supreme People's Court that led to a new fraud rule provision in 2001, Dr. Gao gives us the deepest and most wide-ranging judicial analysis of this subject available. His unique study will be of great value not only to jurists and academics, but to all lawyers concerned with the legal underpinnings of international trade.


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