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Wine-dark Dreams - A Bermuda Nights Novella

RRP $16.99

Amanda's idyllic tropical vacation to Bermuda has morphed into a battlefield. Her passionate nights with Evan send her ex-boyfriend, Jeff, into a jealous rage. On a cruise ship, there's nowhere to run - and few places to hide.

Even worse, revelations about the band's dangerous history put Amanda and Kayla in deadly peril.

Amanda must delve for hidden strength she never knew she possessed. And she'll have to trust in the one man she has the most reason to fear - the man whose touch can cause her to lose all semblance of sanity.

* * *

Half of all proceeds of this novella benefit battered women's shelters.

Wine-Dark Dreams is the second of four novellas in the Bermuda Nights series. Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations, this romantic suspense story is recommended for readers aged 17+. The first three novellas have cliff-hanger endings, which lead to the final novella with a happily-ever-after.

Ophelia adores Boston and has lived in the region for nearly all her adult life. She's worked in Cambridge, hanging out at the Irish pubs and watching sculling on the Charles. She was at the first Celtics game at the Fleet Center and has pub-hopped her way down Lansdowne Street behind Fenway Park. She's seen the Nutcracker at the Wang and savored Locke-Ober before they closed. Ophelia's been on the Boston to Bermuda cruise ship run three times and highly recommends the adventure! Most of all, Ophelia cherishes the spirit of Boston - a unique city unlike any other in the world.

Boston Strong.

Decoding French Wine

RRP $13.99

The wine world can be intimidating to people who are just starting out. French wines can add an additional layer of complexity given the different, and less familiar, ways the wines are classified.
Decoding French Wine: A Beginner's Guide to Enjoying the Fruits of the French Terroir is a short, almost pocketbook guide, written to help early stage wine drinkers navigate the world of French wine so they feel comfortable opening up a French wine list and understand exactly what they are ordering and why.
This new second edition of the book covers the prominent areas of Bordeaux, Loire, Burgundy, Alsace, Rhone, Languedoc-Roussillon and Champagne in a short, concise and clear manner, covering the necessary geography, history and practices of each region for readers to gain a fundamental understanding of wine growing throughout the country and begin to explore, and build a familiarity with, wines from each of these areas.

Little Miss Wine O'clock And Friends

RRP $9.99

Little Miss Wine O'Clock is staying in tonight with her friend Little Miss Prosecco. They are re-watching Downton Abbey and playing a game called "Downton the Hatch". This means they have to sip a drink every time Lady Mary raises her eyebrows. Or whenever anyone opens a letter with a knife. Or whenever Carson clears his throat. With the complete box set to watch it will be a long and messy night. Meet a world of hilarious 21st century characters - from Little Miss Extreme Detox who's on a kale-only diet but can think of nothing but cake to Little Miss Mombie who used to go out but now lives mostly in her sitting room and spends her time picking things up. Are you Little Miss Commuter or Little Miss Vintage? Do you now a Little Miss Social Media, Little Miss Bridezilla or Little Miss Yummy Mummy? Created for grown-ups this pitch-perfect parody is the ideal gift for friends, daughters, girlfriends, wives, mothers and grandmothers. Perfect for Mother's Day, for Christmas, or just for fun. This book has not been prepared, approved licensed or endorsed by any entity involved in the creation or production of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books including the publishers and Roger Hargreaves and Adam Hargreaves.


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