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White Self-criticality Beyond Anti-racism

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It has been argued that while white people have problems, Black people and people of color are problems. This suggests that white people's problems are tangential to their identities and that Black people and people of color are, by nature, problem people. How Does It Feel to Be a White Problem? is an unprecedented collection of critically unsettling essays, which return the question of being a problem back to white people. It does this in scholarly ways by deploying a self-narrative style. Unlike much scholarship on whiteness, George Yancy's collection asks white scholars to dwell on the experience of being a white problem without sidestepping that question in terms of its implications for Black people or people of color. Remaining cognizant of the fact that the chapters are not exercises in self-confession, white narcissism, or ways of seeking pity, each contributor remains in that profoundly uncomfortable space of being a white problem. How Does it Feel to be a White Problem? insists upon modes of criticality that engage race-talk without readily seeking easy escape routes through white-talk, bad faith, denial, and willful ignorance. The collection powerfully emphasizes the significance of humility, vulnerability, anxiety, questions of complicity, how being a "good white" is implicated in racial injustice, and how whiteness as a problem is a site of violence and narrow self-interest. This text sets a new precedent for critical race scholarship and critical whiteness studies to take into consideration what it means specifically to be a white problem rather than simply restrict scholarship to the problem of white privilege and white normative invisibility. Ultimately, the text challenges the contemporary rhetoric of a color-blind or color-evasive world in a discourse that is critically engaging and sophisticated, accessible, and persuasive.

The Whited Wall

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Have you ever falsify something about you before... maybe your age, address or other valuable information about you? Or you are not what people really think of you. This book will help you to regain your self-worth and become a blessing rather than a curse to your generation. God is not difficult to please, as some people think. He is more interested in us more than we are in Him. The fear of many people is that; since I can't please God; let me at least please myself. As a result of this, many have ended up striving for approval from people around them. Hypocrisy is a great problem in our world today; every act of betrayal is carried out by people whom you trust, but turned out to be different from whom you presume them to be. The "Whited Wall" is an exposition centered on the danger of living a false life. As a creature of the perfect God, you have no profit in a dual lifestyle. God is not deceived by how we look on the outside, He tries the heart of every human and judges their actions based on the state of their hearts. Tosin Adeola showed in this book, secrets to living a life that glorify God and void of every traces of Hypocrisy. The contents of this book no doubt will awaken the sleeping saints and revive the slumbering virgins. You will learn in this book, how you can become what God wants you to be by allowing Him to lead you and show you the best way to serve. The expositions in this book will open your eyes to the wrong ways you might have been treading and the possible ways through which you can be a victor.

Black Spirits And White

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Ralph Adams Cram was a prolific and influential American architect of collegiate and ecclesiastical buildings, often in the Gothic Revival style. Cram & Ferguson and Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson are partnerships in which he worked. Cram wrote numerous publications and books on issues in architecture and religious devotion.


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