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Freddie Ramos Makes A Splash

RRP $9.99

Freddie Ramos's adventures continue! When a bully shows up at Starwood Park, his superpowered zapatos go missing. Is the bully to blame? And how can Freddie investigate without his super speed?

A Dream Of Red Hands

RRP $13.99

"A Dream of Red Hands" is a short story by Bram Stoker. It was first published in the July 11, 1894 issue of The Sketch: A Journal of Art and Actuality, London. This story was first published in book form in 1914 in Stoker's third collection of short stories Dracula's Guest And Other Weird Stories, George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., London. In 1997 it appeared in Best Ghost and Horror Stories, Dover Publications, Inc., New York.

Captured Silhouettes

RRP $66.99

"In "Captured Silhouettes," Stacy praises nature and pure love; she talks about existence and death, dreams and motherhood, and proclaims what she cherishes the most. She will foster qualities held captive in the seemingly featureless space within the outline of a silhouette. She will place questions into the reader's mind until the reader becomes the hero of her captive narrative.

'My story continues breathing day by day, but have I positively impacted reality in any way? Motherhood was the gift that I cherished the most; am I now done with milestones after being the host? ... '

And when the mind is troubled and questions, Stacy carefully conveys it to a fair end, an epic end for a short prose...

'Quietness muffles hardened voices, a gesture of calming capturing silhouettes in a concentration of existing; still.'" - Halkios, Author, "The Diary of an Angel"


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Wine Merlot Shiraz Champagne
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Wine Merlot Shiraz Champagne
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